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Medical equipment

EUROPE INDUSTRIAL GROUP – DIVISION OF MEDICAL PROJECTS Is an unique association of handling of heavy units together with precise manipulation of sensitive medical equipment.

On our projects we moving and installing valuable X ray, CT and MRI units with average weight from 4 to 10 ton and at the same time very sensitive to any kind of shock. Installations are done frequently under complicated conditions during normal operation of the hospital and in precisely defined time period. Some of the units are cooled with liquid gas and could be disconnected from power only for a limited time period.

This work needs a true professionalism mixed with the years of experience in this specific field.
We lay the stress on security and care of the cargo and our staff is well qualified for this kind of work.


  • Project prepare and process of all necessary documents, dependent on the country where we will install the  equipment
  • Transport of equipment Ex works including loading, unloading and installation
  • Site reconstruction before installation, magnetic shielding etc.




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