Industrial relocations

Complete provision of relocation of industrial machinery and equipment, production technologies.
Priemyselné sťahovanie

About us

The impulse for the formation of the company in 2006 was to fill a gap on the market for industrial relocations.
Priemyselné sťahovanie

Industrial relocations up to 1000 tons

  • Since 2006
  • To the whole world
  • Deadline guarantee

Relocation management covers all services for relocation, move or replacement of any technological unit, single machine, production line or whole production plant world wide including project preparation, disassembly, transport and assembly up to new production start up support. Guaranteed start up at scheduled time, warranty as well as insurance are included in all our projects.


František Kretovič
APU2 Manager
"Europe Industrial Group did for our company transfers of assembly lines at the plant in Kosice. With work of employees and project managers of Europe Industrial Group we were more than satisfied, their professionalism was in every way on a high level. In the future, we count with another projects with Europe Industrial Group."
Javier Martínez - Aldama
,, ARISA SERVICIO TECNICO S.A. has collaborated with EUROPE INDUSTRIAL GROUP s.r.o. in the assembly of a multifunction press of 630mT in Slovakia, with optimum results, both professionalism, efficiency and agility when faced with unforeseen situations.''
Róbert Tóth
Production Manager
Estamp Slovakia s.r.o.
,, Company Europe Industrial Group has many years of experience in the industry. Thanks to excellent technical background and flexibility were ordered works realized at a high level, quality and within agreed schedule.''
Ing. Robert Pajpach
Maintenance & Facility Manager
Inteva Products Slovakia spol. s r.o.
"With company Europe Industrial Group we worked for several years and successfully secure a number of major projects in the field of installation technology PUR foaming process and assembly lines. Because of their experience, reliability, expertise and personnel as well as their comprehensive range of technical support I recommends cooperation with the company Europe Industrial Group. "
Ján Sakáč
Supply Chain Manager
IEE Sensing Slovakia s.r.o.
"Europe Industrial Group secured the complete transfer of our plant, IEE Sensing Slovakia, from Kechnec to new premises in Veľká Ida. Out of all interviewed candidates as the only one met all of our stated requirements for effective transfer. During the entire operation, I met with a professional approach, smooth running and precise procedure laid down by time plan. If unforeseen factors occurred they were given quick proposals for a solution."
Dipl. Ing. Marek Beňačka
Werksplaner LBWP
LKW Komponenten s.r.o. MAN EU
"Our company was pleased with the prompt response and quality of work in moving production line within our company."
Vladimir Podaný
Maintenance and Facility Coordinator
Inteva Products Slovakia spol. s.r.o.
"On the basis of numerous projects, I can confirm that the company Europe Industrial Group is the most reliable and flexible, "moving company" with which I worked. "
Michal Prišťák
Maintenance Manager
ZF Slovakia, a.s.
"I can characterize company Europe Industrial Group as very flexible, with excellent technical background. "
Ing. Vladimír Kumičák
Transfer Manager
Valeo Slovakia s.r.o.
"Europe Industrial Group s.r.o. secured for our company transfer of production and assembly lines from the headquarter plant Valeo Abbeville to Valeo Košice within 1 year. During that period, they realized transfer of 12 projects. Cooperation with Europe Industrial Group was on a professional level with excellent communication, flexibility and adaptability to our needs. Professionalism of staff and their expertise was on high level. We were more than satisfied with company Europe Industrial Group and we are looking forward to future projects and transfers."
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